Menu Section

A Menu is a list of links that navigate to various pages in the website.

When adding a new menu, click "Add Button" to create a new button and select where it will navigate. If you want to create a menu link to a specific Products or Category or Manufacturer or page you have created, a search box will appear. Start typing to search and select the resource you are looking for. Click OK to add the menu item. You don't need to find the url of the resource you want to link, it will be computed automatically.

In mobile screens, the menu will wrap as needed, but will not be hidden.

When editing the page, clicking on a menu item, you will not be redirected to the target page, but a drop down menu will appear instead with options about this menu item. You can move the menu item to a different position or remove it. The "Navigate" option will eventually open the target page in edit mode.

In the Left Sidebar you will find some customization options for the Menu:

  • The Text Color option will change the color of all items in the Menu. Choose the color that better matches the background color.
  • The Align option will position the menu items and the distances between them. You can choose to align to the left, right or in the center of the available section space. If you set Align to Justified or Fill, the items will expand so that all the horizontal space in the section is used. The Fill option will also make all items have the same width if possible. The Vertical option will display the menu items vertically in all screen sizes.