Slider Section

A Slider is a series of images with text that automatically slide one after another every few seconds. Usually used in home pages to welcome the visitor and present offers and other important information about the site.

When adding a new Slider, click "Add Slide" to add the first slide. A slide with a default text and a placeholder image appears. Click on the text to edit it. The text editing tools appear on the Top Toolbar.

On the Left Sidebar click "Upload" to select an image from your computer to use it as background image for the slide. Alternatively you can click "Search" to use our built-in search tool to find royalty free images.

Click "Add Slide" on the Left Sidebar to add more slides. You can navigate between slides using the left and right arrows on the slider. When editing the page, the slider will not automatically slide, to that you can edit the content.

You can rearrange the order of the slides if needed. To change the position of the current slide, click on the left and right buttons on the Left Sidebar to move it to the previous or the next position. To remove the current slide, click on the "Remove" button.